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Not your ordinary survival blog — for a not-so-ordinary company. Read on to learn more about Worldwide Survival Systems, the best way to put our Ditch Pack survival bags to work, the latest survival gear and more.

EPIRB, PLB, VHF, GPS, SOLAS What Do These Mean?

EPIRB, PLB, VHF, GPS, SOLAS What Do These Mean, and Why Are They Important! If you do not have any communication or location devices on your vessel, you are WRONG!  A lot of these devices have shortened names, or acronyms, and it is imperative that every captain knows what these are and their functions.  Acronyms […]

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On the Water Emergency / Be Prepared on the Water

The sun is out, the water is calm, and it’s another beautiful day for a boat trip. But, that’s when the unexpected happens; are you truly prepared? You’ve stored your Ditch Pack, you made sure that you had enough life vests for everyone in the boat. Last week you checked to make sure your Satellite […]

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What Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong

And it will go wrong, at the worst possible time. The most important step in any adventure is Preventative Maintenance and Checks to your gear, and yourself. Whether it’s the checking tire pressure in the family RV before a big trip, pressure testing your scuba tank, or taking the time to study a map of […]

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